Monday, December 14, 2015

English Subs? No Problemo at SubScene

Okay, its film night and the popcorn's ready. We're on a roll with another absurdist Greek tragedy, oh yes, Miss Violence by Alexandros Avranas.

Then yeah, stupid me, forgot to check if there were any English subs. nope no subs, no track 1 or 2. So time to find an English SRT file for Miss Violence. Do you know how hard it is to find a copy of this film? I can't imagine what hoops I have to go through to find decent subs for this. After hitting Goog, I hit up mostly pop-up riddled sites offering Eng subs.

Finally, luck out on one, I think this site is pretty decent and offers the real deal for subs. So for now, this would be my first go to place for English subs. Funny thing, they also have lots of Farsi and Arabic subs as well, not just for obscure films, but mainstream ones.

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